Startupizer 2.3.4 released!

Startupizer 2.3.4 is now available. Recommended for all customers.

This update mainly addresses behind the scenes managing. One of the most important additions is that updates will be delivered by secure connections from now on, including 2.3.4.

Another big change is different licensing scheme. This is actually leveraging the same technology as secure updates mentioned above and provides much nicer user experience. Unfortunately old registration codes are not compatible anymore. But fear not, as long as you purchased Startupizer2 on Mac App Store, or on Gentle Bytes store, you’re eligible for free authorization code. Depending where you purchased it:

  • Gentle Bytes store: you should’ve received email from me with your new 2.3.4+ authorization code. If you didn’t, please check spam folder in case it was misplaced. If you still don’t find it, please use contact form link at the bottom of this page!
  • Mac App Store: unfortunately the new licensing scheme no longer allows you to use MAS license to update to latest version. If you don’t have registration code yet, please contact me through the contact form via link at the bottom of this page. I will ask for proof of purchase which is the basis on which new authorization code is issued, so you might want to prepare it in advance (either iTunes confirmation email, or screenshot of purchases tab of App Store app showing Startupizer2).

While above changes constitute the bulk of 2.3.4, it also addresses various issues with previous versions.

Note: this version requires OS X 10.9!

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